The most visited place in the USA is not the Statue of Liberty or Disney World but the Mall of America. This gigantic shopping centre is 450,000 square metres of retail space including over 500 shops as well as a casino, eight nightclubs, 50 hotels, an aquatic amusement park, a zoo, their own police force and even a ’Chapel of Love’ where no (...) see more
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Documentary Highlights
On the 29th of August 1949, the USSR set off their first atomic bomb, just four years after the Americans. The speed with which they achieved this (...) see more
Andalucia, Spain. One of the world’s worst places to fight fire, where temperatures of up to 45º c meet with vast vegetation, creating 50 meter walls of (...) see more
Reports Highlights
The violence of the civil war in the Central African Republic called for the presence of the French Army. Patrolling and guarding the refugee camps, the (...) see more
Klaus Ohlmann is one of the best glider pilots in the world and has broken several records. The German who moved to the French Alps 20 years ago so he (...) see more
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