In 2008, Rodrigo Vazquez made ‘Child Miners’ profiling the lives of 10 year old Alex and his best friend, 13 year old Jorge. Over the past six years, Vazquez has returned regularly to film the boys as their lives have taken radically different paths. Jorge managed to escape the mines and get an education. He trained in the military and now (...) see more
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Documentary Highlights
A mesmerising, hallucinogenic journey through the gangs and drug culture of modern Panama. When music producer, Paco and his wife, Kene, are arrested at (...) see more
More than any other event, the liberation of Paris has come to symbolise the defeat of Nazism in Europe and the end of the nightmare of occupation. Without (...) see more
Reports Highlights
In the last 4 years Egypt has seen it all, from dictatorship to revolution then the Muslim Brotherhood winning the elections. Next came a coup d’etat (...) see more
There is an invisible war going on in the West Bank. The Israeli settlers are waging a daily war on the Palestinians who remain; they harass their (...) see more
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