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Julian Assange: The Price of Truth

The decision not to extradite Julian Assange to the United States is unlikely to be the end of his long struggle. For the past 10 years, Premiere Lignes has investigated Assange and the WikiLeaks network.

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Maduro: The Indestructible

This is the story of a man who never gives up. A man who has regained the place given to him after the Bolivarian Revolution had given him: at the helm of Venezuela, sitting on the world’s largest oil reserves, a man clinging to his destiny: to lead Venezuela’s socialist revolution... whatever the cost.

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Hezbollah Inc

By 2008, the US Drug Enforcement Administration had gathered enough evidence to prove that Hezbollah had transformed itself from a military and political organization into an international crime syndicate earning up to $1 billion a year from drug and weapons trafficking, money laundering and other criminal activities. 'Project Cassandra' was the ambitious, top-secret project to stop them.

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News & Awards

Spring 2024 Update! Festival success and critical acclaim for our films in 2024

Festival Selections for The Click Trap, Phantom Parrot, Tax Wars, Lie To Me and more…

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October Festival Update: Success for The Mind Game, Green Warriors, and Greenwashing: The Climate Killer

Festival updates for the month of October including successes for The Mind Game, Green Warriors, and Greenwashing: The Climate Killer.

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Recent Festival Success for Femicidio, Poison(s), Spanton vs the French Police, Las Abogadas and more!

We’ve seen great success for our films at festivals this Spring. Congrats to the filmmakers and everyone involved. We are so proud to bring these brilliant films to a wide audience across the globe.

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About Us

Java Films is a documentary distribution company that specialises in geo-political investigations and TV documentaries. At Java, we’re passionate about stories that explain the big issues of tomorrow. We pride ourselves on our strong, personal relationships with our producers and clients and place this at the centre of everything we do

New Acquisitions

Netanyahu and the Ministers of Chaos

After seventy-five years of existence, Israel is at a turning point. The country is facing a crisis never seen before: a crisis that smacks of civil war.

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War on Women: The New Battle for Abortion in America

Filmed on the border of the Bible Belt states in the Midwest, this documentary profiles the commitment of civil society, doctors, lawyers, volunteers and individuals determined to preserve the right and access of their fellow citizens to abortion.

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El Salvador: Maras, Mega Prisons & ‘The World’s Coolest Dictator’

We gained exclusive access to the world's biggest and toughest prison in El Salvador. Fifteen thousand prisoners are locked up here, most of whom will never leave alive.

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