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Belarus: An Ordinary Dictatorship

It’s the last dictatorship in Europe. But while half of Belarus moves closer to Russia, the other half is trying to resist...

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Beirut: La Vie en Rose

We follow the lives of four members of the Lebanese Christian elite. In one of the world´s most politically unstable countries, they are a symbol of the former “Switzerland of the Middle East” – the last representatives of a golden age they are reluctant to give up.

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Race and Violence in America

In the United States, inequalities between the white and black communities seems to be escalating. A worrying portrait of a country rife with racial tensions.

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News & Awards

Objector won MAIN AWARD at Al Jazeera Balkans Documentary Festival

Congratulations to Objector, who won the Main Award at the Al Jazeera Balkans Documentary Festival in Sarajevo on September 17th.

The Marriage Project to have its Asian premiere at Women Make Waves International Film Festival, Taiwan

This will be on the 18th, 20th and 24th of October, 2020 at Spot Huasan A Two in Taipei, Taiwan.

5 docs selected for the Prix Europa film festival in Germany

Congratulations to documentaries Chocolate’s Heart of Darkness, Rohingyas: Workings of a Crime, The World According To Amazon, #387 and Chained (Agora II) for being selected in the upcoming edition of PRIX EUROPA film festival in Potsdam, Germany (18 to 25 October).

New Acquisitions

Los Cabos: Trouble in Paradise

The seaside resort of Cabo San Lucas has become a favourite vacation spot for American multimillionaires..... and Mexican drug traffickers. It is a strategic spot for the continent’s cartels forming a bridge between place of production and the key American market.

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Money Bots

About half of Wall Street trades are now performed by automated 'bots. As the algorithmic robot traders outpace and outperform the humans, what are the dangers they pose?

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The Forgotten Temple

Deep in the jungle of Cambodia, far off beaten tourist trails, lies a jewel from the Khmer period: the Banteay Chhmar temple.

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