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Sudan: Journey into one of the most closed countries in the World

Cut off from the world, Sudan, a former refuge of international terrorists is one of the most unstable countries on the planet. General Al-Burhan and his military junta maintain an iron grip on power.

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The Balkans: Putin’s wolves

As the wider geopolitical struggle between Russia and the West intensifies, support from the Kremlin has emboldened Bosnia’s Serb separatists.

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The list of people believed to have been poisoned on Putin’s orders goes on and on. For twenty years, Russian poison has run through the veins of international diplomacy. 

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News & Awards

Recent Festival Success for Femicidio, Poison(s), Spanton vs the French Police, Las Abogadas and more!

We’ve seen great success for our films at festivals this Spring. Congrats to the filmmakers and everyone involved. We are so proud to bring these brilliant films to a wide audience across the globe.

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Roch Bozino (1960 – 2023)

On Thursday 30 March 2023 our founder, friend and director Roch died. To all of us, he was more than just a boss. He turned Java into a family guided by real values and never compromised his principles. So many people loved him. Please bear with us during this difficult period. We will be back soon.

Thank you for everything, Roch.

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Festival Success for Atomic Hope, Duty of Care & Rewild Documentaries!

Atomic Hope, Duty of Care and Rewild have been selected for screening at three upcoming festivals. Congrats to the filmmakers! Here are some details on how to attend.

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About Us

Java Films is a documentary distribution company that specialises in geo-political investigations and TV documentaries. At Java, we’re passionate about stories that explain the big issues of tomorrow. We pride ourselves on our strong, personal relationships with our producers and clients and place this at the centre of everything we do

New Acquisitions

First to Stand: The Cases and Causes of Irwin Cotler

'First to Stand' follows Irwin Cotler and his team of young activists at the Raoul Wallenberg Centre as they take on the cases and cause of political prisoners and human rights activists battling against the world’s most repressive regimes.

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Chip War

A new world order is taking shape before our eyes. The persistent shortage of semiconductors, essential to our daily lives, is reshaping geopolitical relations, fuelling inflation and increasing tensions between America and China.

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Hunting the Russian Oligarchs 

Since the invasion of Ukraine and European sanctions, the Russian oligarchs have become pariahs. But during the same period, about fifteen Oligarchs have died under strange circumstances. Do they really have the power to influence the Russian President? Or are they just pawns of his ambition?

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