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USA: Fear the Police

Today more than ever, the American police force is feared by those it is supposed to protect. Across America, we study this controversial police force.

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Relationships, workplaces, our justice system and technology: unconscious bias makes headlines every day. Can we de-bias our brains?

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Race and Violence in America

In the United States, inequalities between the white and black communities seems to be escalating. A worrying portrait of a country rife with racial tensions.

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Objector to have New Zealand Premiere at Doc Edge 2020 online

Objector will have its New Zealand premiere at Doc Edge 2020 online: 17 June, 1pm and 28 June, 7 pm. Followed by a Q& A with director Molly Stuart.

The Future of Flight to include impact of the Corona Virus on the aviation industry

A&O Buero are producing an updated version of The Future of Flight to include a section on the impact of the Corona Virus on the aviation industry. It will be ready mid June

Generation Greta and Food For Change at Green Talks, Russia (21-24 May 2020)

Generation Greta and Food for Change will see their first showings in Russia at Green Talks (21-24 May 2020), organized by Ecocup Film Festival , followed by debates and film presentations by their filmmakers.

New Acquisitions

The People vs. Agent Orange

The Agent Orange catastrophe did not end with the war in Vietnam.  Today, all over the world, a primary component of that toxic herbicide is still being extensively used. After decades of struggle, two heroic women are leading a worldwide movement to hold the manufacturers accountable.

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Money Bots

About half of Wall Street trades are now performed by automated 'bots. As the algorithmic robot traders outpace and outperform the humans, what are the dangers they pose?

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My Body, Their Choice

We follow passionate anti-abortionist Marinela Varela and hear from women who suffered illegal abortions in horrific conditions in Argentina.

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