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Announcing: The Cancer Conflict Release to Platforms On Demand

Posted: October 10

The Cancer Conflict (2021), directed by Thomas Meadmore, is now available to stream on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, Xbox and Vimeo. The film had its first in-person premiere at the Curzon on Sept 6th in London. 

About the film

90% of cancer patients seek alternative treatments to those doctors recommend, a decision which can double the risk of death. This is an unsettling statistic in a world of misinformation. So, The Cancer Conflict begs the question, what would you do if your life was on the line? How far would you go? 

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This divisive, incredibly sensitive topic is what this hard-hitting feature documentary seeks to investigate. Following the lives of two individuals diagnosed with cancer, Grant, 53, with Stage III bowel cancer and Surinder, 50, with stage II breast cancer, the film tracks the emotional and physical trials and tribulations of choosing to diverge from prescribed treatments and instead follow their own path. 

For Grant, data is king, and so he chooses a path grounded firmly in medical and scientific evidence. He participates in trials and treatments unavailable to him in the UK, hoping this will increase his chance of survival. Surinder takes an alternative route, favouring the use of holistic and alternative medicine to manage her cancer and symptoms. Both reckon with the conflict between their doctors’ advice and their own personal convictions. How can we make life and death decisions in a world filled with misinformation?

“The Cancer Conflict is a beautifully made and incredibly powerful film which tells the story of two cancer patients struggling for different reasons with their diagnoses, and who choose to seek treatment outside of the publicly funded system. For me, the film emphasises how important mutual respect and trust are between healthcare professional and patient when delivering cancer care. In my view, a must-see for all those who work with cancer patients.”

Dr Toral Gathani  MD MEd FRCS

Senior Clinical Research Fellow | Cancer Epidemiology Unit | Nuffield Department of Population Health | University of Oxford

Java Films has been working with Tom and his production team for two years before its release, as a project we took on during its development stages. Our colleague Rebecca and Tom met at the Sheffield Film Festival back in 2019. Rebecca worked on the project as Executive Producer to help finalise the film, which premiered online at the Global Health Film Festival in 2021. After its online hiatus, the festival screened at the Curzon Cinema, Soho on Sept 6th 2022. Following the screening, The Cancer Conflict was reviewed in The Guardian and others. 

For Java Films, this film has been a unique feature, as Tom funded it entirely privately through his production company and a Kickstarter campaign, that raised £40,000. Through his dedicated social media campaigning, Tom was able to drum up support from thousands for this valuable documentary. Tom chose to self-fund the film so he could interrogate the topic without external influence, and to maintain journalistic integrity. 

Tom is now engaging in a publicity campaign to boost the audience of his film across the UK and Australia. You can watch the film on Vimeo, Amazon, Google Play, iTunes and Xbox

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