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Manufacturing Chaos

A deep dive into the world of disinformation, exploring how and why it’s spreading at pace throughout the world, and the striking consequences for social cohesion and democracy.

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Your face is Ours : The Dangers of Facial Recognition

Clearview AI is redefining our privacy. The New York-based tech company is working to identify and compile the faces of every human being on the planet. It claims that the database will serve as a force for good, helping to solve crimes and prevent espionage. But the risks it poses are immense.

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The Science of Fatherhood

How do men change psychologically and physically during pregnancy, birth and the first years of having children?

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Musk vs Bezos: The New Star Wars

The two richest men in the world are engaged in a vicious space race that has implications for us all. For years, Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk have squabbled in the media over everything from who is the wealthiest to who did what first. But their rival space programmes, satellite launches and plans to colonise the planets have launched a new Space Age.

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The Brain Revolution

With exciting new research from leading medical and neuroscience experts, this film explores the foundational principles of neuroplasticity — how the brain can change throughout one’s lifespan — to show viewers how to take control of their lives as they age. 

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Pain Secrets

Revealing a revolutionary new way of understanding pain, this film explores treatment modalities that can help to resolve, manage and in some cases correct for chronic, everyday pain.

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Build a Better Memory Through Science

Drawing on fascinating new research into how memories are created, stored, and recalled, this  film shares strategies viewers can use to improve their own memories, with evidence- based Memory Boosters vetted by leading scientists. 

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Apple: The Trillion Dollar Betrayal

Apple is the most valuable company in the world and has a role in our lives like no other. But a company that started out as the cool underdog to Microsoft is now subsumed in a wave of controversies.

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Africa, GMOs and the Gates Foundation

We investigate how the Gates Foundation became the main funder of GMO experiments in Africa and the possible repercussions of their actions.

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