Cash Investigation: Porn: A Ruthless Business

A major investigation into the workings of porn sites, the people behind them and their impact on the teenagers accessing them.

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Camping Cars in America: The Desert Rush

The world’s biggest motorhome rally is in Arizona. Once a year it welcomes more than a million motorhome enthusiasts.

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Turning Childhood into Content: The Dangers of Sharenting

By the age of 13, the average child has 1,300 photos and videos of them online, posted on social networks by their parents.

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Click Bet

All over Europe, sports betting sites prey on the vulnerable, luring them into addiction. The majority of these platforms belong to powerful multinationals who resist regulation. Gambling addiction has become an emergency, a key public health issue around the world.

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Dangerous Roads: Albania

This series follows the forces of law and order around the world as they deal with horrific road accidents and try to prevent road fatalities.

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Nomad Solitude

Laurie, Kristy and Linda each live alone on the roads of America, sleeping in their vehicles. They are just three among thousands of modern American nomads who can no longer afford to pay for conventional housing.

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Love and Sex in Italy

Italy has the lowest birth rate in Europe. At this rate, Italy’s population could reduce by 16 million over the next 50 years. But despite this, it remains the most romantic country in the world for many.

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Oklahoma : The Most Conservative State in America

Located in the heart of the Bible Belt, the most religious area of ​​the United States, Oklahoma is today considered the most conservative states in America. It is here that the most prisoners are sentenced to death, that there are the greatest number of women in prison, that the laws on abortion are the most restrictive or that the inhabitants are the most climatosceptic.

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Cheerleaders: The Hidden Face of the American Dream

They’re icons of American culture and serious athletes in their own rights. In the United States, cheerleaders are a veritable institution. Every weekend, they entertain tens of millions of Americans with their acrobatic displays requiring years of training. We follow a team on their way to the championship and examine the changing face of American cheerleading.

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