Miracle Babies: Uterus Transplants

One in every 4,500 women is born without a uterus. Until recently, it was impossible for these women to carry their own children but breakthroughs in science have made womb transplants possible.

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Dangerous Roads

This series follows the forces of law and order around the world as they deal with horrific road accidents and try to prevent road fatalities.

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An estimated three million hauliers roam the roads of Europe, literally driving Europe’s economy. They transport virtually everything we buy or use but the drivers themselves are often exhausted, overworked and underpaid.

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Mumbai: The Infernal Megapolis

It’s one of the most populous cities on the planet with 22 million inhabitants, predicted to increase to 30 million by 2035. Nicknamed ‘the infernal Metropolis’, Mumbai is a city in perpetual development.

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The Cancer Conflict

It’s estimated that up to up to 90% of cancer patients look for alternative or complimentary treatments, a decision that doubles the risk of death. But in a world of misinformation, how can patients make an informed choice?

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Fast Fashion: The Real Price of Low-Cost Fashion

Creating a dress for ten euros in Europe, in less than a fortnight. It’s not only possible, but it’s becoming the norm. Since the fashion industry went down the path of fast-fashion, it’s always both faster and cheaper - no matter the consequences.

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Tulum: Mexico’s Hipster Paradise

With its 6th-century Mayan ruins overlooking crystal blue waters, Tulum has long been a hidden gem for backpackers and hippies alike. But in recent years, this has changed. The once-sleepy Mayan town now attracts nearly 2 million visitors per year. And in Tulum, as in the rest of Mexico, powerful drug cartels impose their rules…

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A Disturbing Rap

For the lucky few, rap has become a way of escaping the ghetto and becoming a star. But at the roots of this music is the misery of the ghettos, racism and police violence. How did this street music become mass culture? Has rap sold its soul as a marketing product?

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Everything We Know About You

What can be done to minimise the risk posed by big data while maximising the benefits? This report investigates.

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