10 Years On: The Yazidi Genocide

In August 2014, the world watched in horror as ISIS tore through the Sinjar region of Iraq, committing a brutal genocide against the Yazidi people. Ten years on, through the harrowing experiences of two Yazidi girls, we look back at the Yazidi genocide.

Hala was 16-year-old when she because a sex slave for ISIS. After escaping captivity, her fight continues as she struggles to rebuild her life in a crowded refugee camp in Iraq. Faiza, just 10 at the time, endures the trauma alongside her mother and younger brothers. Sold to multiple slave owners, they find a twisted form of coexistence with the perpetrators. But when the opportunity for freedom arises, they flee to Canada, only to be met with a devastating new challenge – her mother’s incurable illness.

This is not just a story of suffering, but of remarkable resilience. It’s a testament to the enduring strength of the human spirit in the face of unimaginable darkness. The film serves as a stark reminder: on the 10th anniversary of this atrocity, over 2,700 Yazidi women and girls remain captive as sex slaves. Their fight for freedom continues.


  • Year: 2024
  • Duration: 52 mins
  • Production:
  • Director: Bared Maronian
  • Available Versions: ENG
  • Country of production: Canada