China on China

After centuries of Western dominance, the world’s center of economic and political weight is shifting eastward. In just 30 years, China has risen from long-standing poverty to being the second largest economy in the world – faster than any other country in history. What China says and does is therefore of great importance to the entire world.

‘China on China’ is an eight-part documentary series dealing with politics and daily life in today’s China. Visit breathtakingly beautiful mountain villages, luxury neighbourhoods, and big-city slums. See lush tourist attractions, middle-class homes, blue-collar quarters, historical locations, and high-tech environments. Hear from angry farmers, weary migrant workers, famous writers, bloggers, powerful politicians, feminists, environmental activists, inventors, society’s upwardly mobile, and dedicated students. ’China on China’ provides a rare insight into the reinvention of this Eastern superpower.

China on China: Episode 1 – A Dramatic History

China on China: Episode 2 – The Power And The People

China on China: Episode 3 – Everything Has A Price Tag

China on China: Episode 4 – More Than Half The Sky

China on China: Episode 5 – A New Generation

China on China: Episode 6 – Culture for Billions

China on China: Episode 7 – Sun And Wind But No Water

China on China: Episode 8 – The Comeback


  • Year: 2013
  • Duration: 8 x 30 mins
  • Production: UR
  • Director: Lisbet Schulz Contreras and Lollo Jarnebrink
  • Available Versions: ENG
  • Country of production: Sweden

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China on China: Episode 1 – A Dramatic History

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China on China: Episode 6 – Culture for Billions

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