Dicing with Death

The acclaimed series from Tony Comiti, now licensed by over 20 channels.

Dodging avalanches in Siberia. Jumping onto moving trains in Mexico. Whizzing across Bolivia’s mountains on home-made cables. Every day, children, migrants and workers undertake incredible journeys in order to make ends meet.

In these unique films, we journey on some of the world’s most dangerous routes and explore the lengths people go to in order to change their destinies.

India/ Bangladesh: The Traps of Brahmaputra

Zambia: Life Goes On

Bhutan: Happiness At All Costs

Namibia: The Devil’s Cauldron

Siberia: The Land of Ice-People

Armenia: The Resistance of the Caucasus

Congo: Jungle Messengers

Cuba: Viva La Vida

Peru: The Last Conquest

Peru: Vertigo in the Andes

Philippines: Man and Monsoon

Sierra Leone: The Urge to Live

Myanmar: No Fear

Malawi: Spirits of the Mist

Ghana: Business On the Go

Nicaragua: In the Name of the Law

India: The Himalayan Tightrope Walkers

Guatemala: Land of the Maya

Paraguay: The Invincibles of the Chaco

Lesotho: The Snow Kingdom

Ethiopia: At the Heart of the Furnace

Argentina: Hit or Miss

Kazakhstan: Danger in the Steppe

Australia: Revving Down Under

Mozambique: Where Life is the Strongest Thing There Is

Pakistan: The Valley of the Immortals

East Timor: The Mysterious Island

Tanzania: Race For Life

Nepal: The Way of the Wise

Brazil: Stronger Together

Cameroon: Birds and Lizards

Madagascar: The Conquest of the Red Island

Borneo: The Jungle Convoy

Senegal: Head Out of Water

Afghanistan: The Wakhan Corridor

Benin: Cotton at all Costs

Colombia/Venezuela: Trafficking Across the Border

Mongolia: The Nomads of the Frozen Lake

Kyrgyzstan: The Father Christmas of Kyrgyzstan

Congo: The Last Train to Katanga

China: China’s Dragon Road

Suriname: For a Fistful of Gold

Haiti: Hell in Paradise

Peru Amazon: The Last Conquest

Vietnam: Masters of the Mekong

Bangladesh: Journey to Dhaka

Somaliland: The Country that Does Not Exist

Congo Kivu: Prisoners of the Mud

Guinea: A Forgotten People

Georgia: The Caucasian Supply Ships

Bangladesh: Journey to Dhaka

Gabon: The Cursed Forest

Bolivia: Comes the Floods

Peru Andes: Vertigo in the Andes

Tajikistan: Cold Sweats

Liberia: Fatal Rains

Laos: In the Land of the Golden Triangle

Brazil: The Law of the Jungle

Ladakh: Mud Trap on Top of the World

Philippines: When the Mountain Rumbles

Nigeria: The Slaves of the Black Gold

India: All Roads Lead to Bénares

Siberia: Lake Baikal

Papua New Guinea

Panama: Business in the Jungle

Congo: Congo River

Colombia: Pilots of the Amazon

Nepal: The Way of the Wise

Pakistan: The Valley of the Immortals

Mexico: A Train to El Dorado

Brazil: Stronger Together

Java: Kawah Ijeb Volcano

Guyana: The Convoys of the Lost World

Jamaica: The Island of The Blue Mountains

Columbia: The Intrepid of the Andes

Ivory Coast: Gold & Cocoa for a Few Nuggets

Bolivia: The Yungas In The Clouds

Botswana: Run for Your Life


  • Year: 2008 - 2021
  • Duration: 87 x 52 mins
  • Production: Tony Comiti Productions
  • Director:
  • Available Versions: ENG, FRA
  • Country of production: France

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