Las Abogadas: Attorneys on the Front lines of the Migrant Crisis

‘Las Abogadas’ follows four immigration attorneys over a four-year odyssey as the U.S. Government upends every law to protect those fleeing from violence and war.

From setting up a legal clinic in a Volkswagen bus in the middle of five thousand desperate migrants, to forcing border guards to follow the law and accept a blind woman into U.S. custody, to crossing the border to counsel African migrants stuck in Tijuana, to giving legal advice in the brutally hot Mexican sun to families desperate to see American soil — we watch our characters’ surreal journeys to try and help.

Rebecca, Charlene, Jodi, and Mulu face intense desperation and frustration. Days are filled with endless and crushing defeat. On occasion, a success — a family reunited and offered the chance to plead their case for asylum. Rebecca writes a parent’s phone number on a child’s arm in Sharpie and bundles her up to send her into the freezing detention center in San Ysidro. “If this was my daughter, I would hope someone would be there for them,” she says, fighting back tears.

As COVID-19 shuts down international borders, trapping the migrants in a political quagmire and global pandemic, our four attorneys struggle to find ways to continue their quest to help, one brave and anguished soul at a time. We follow Rebecca, Charlene, Jodi and Mulu into the Fall of 2020, to the day of the Presidential election. We feel their gripping anxiety as they witness what could usher in some semblance of hope, or bring about their greatest fear. Even in 2021, with the change in presidential administrations in the United States, our attorneys and their clients continued to face greater challenges than they could have imagined.


  • Year: 2022
  • Duration: 58 & 95 mins
  • Production: Boom Boom Media
  • Director: Victoria Bruce
  • Available Versions: ENG, FRA, ESP, ITA, ARA
  • Country of production: USA


  • Special Jury Award for Activist Filmmaking at Arizona International Film Festival 2023 - USA; Best Feature Documentary and Victoria Bruce Best Director at Global Cinema Film Festival Boston 2023 - USA; Best in Fest Award at Valkyrie International Film Festival VIFF2023 - NYC, USA; Grand Prix du Jury, Meilleur Film Documentaire at ONE Country ONE Film Apchat-Issoire International Festival 2023 - FRANCE; Best Documentary and Best Feature & Best of Women's Voices Award at Vancouver International Women in Film Festival Awards 2023 - CANADA; Best Documentary Audience Award - Awareness Festival 2022 (L.A ) - USA; Best Social Justice Documentary - Queen City Film Festival 2022 (Maryland) - USA; Best Feature Documentary Film - LA Independent Women Film Awards 2022 - USA; Best Documentary - Pembroke Taparelli Arts and Film Festival 2022 (California) - USA; Best of Women's Voices Award at Portland Film Festival 2022 (Oregon)- USA; Atlantic City Cinefest 2022 (New Jersey) - USA; Festival del Cinema dei Diritti Umani di Napoli 2022 - ITALY; Worldwide Women’s Festival 2023 - USA (Arizona); Chennai International Documentary Film Festival 2023 - INDIA; Annapolis Film Festival 2023 - USA (Maryland); Berkshire International Film Festival 2023 - USA; FilmFest DC 2023 - USA; International Women Filmmakers Turkey 2023- TURKEY; AJB Doc 2023 (Bosnia & Herzgovina).

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