Palestine’s Stolen Images

A film-diary about the secret history of the links between the national liberation movements in Palestine and Latin America. The film combines direct filming unfolding events of the war of liberation in the last 18 years with never-before-seen footage recovered from the Cuban Film archives, shot by the PLO Film Unit and previously considered lost.

From the early contacts made by Che Guevara in 1959 in Gaza, to the guerrilla camps in Colombia and the Bekaa, and the transformation of the avant-guard of armed struggle from secular to islamic – this film connects the dots of a previously hidden history that links Latin America with the Middle East.


  • Year: 2018
  • Duration: 115 mins
  • Production: Rodrigo Vazquez for Bethnal Films
  • Director: Rodrigo Vazquez
  • Available Versions: ENG, FRA, ARA
  • Country of production: UK

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