The Bitcoin Experiment

Following the global economic crisis, more and more people are questioning the way global markets function. Some are turning to decentralised payment systems like bitcoin in an attempt to regain control of the economy. But what is bitcoin? How will it impact the way we do business and can bitcoin really challenge the banks’ monopoly and democratise society?

Since 2009, the value of the bitcoin has varied by several million per cent. The currency has been linked with criminal networks and shady business. But despite the warnings, bitcoin has gone from obscure programme to billion industry. Currently there are about 100,000 Bitcoin transactions per day. In comparison, Visa alone has 4,000 transactions per second. This has led people to question if the system will work on a large scale.

Amund Sjølie Sveen takes us on a road trip across Scandinavia to learn more about bitcoin blockchains and digital currencies. Along the way he seeks out environments and meets people who have a relationship with Bitcoin, as users, lawyers, government officials, enthusiasts and sceptics.


  • Year: 2015
  • Duration: 40 MINS
  • Production: HACIENDA FILM
  • Director: Pål Karlsen
  • Available Versions: ENG
  • Country of production: YUZU PRODUCTIONS & MEDIA 3.14



  • Awards International Feature Documentary Award (Anthem Film Festival 2018, USA); Silver award at China Dragon Awards 2019 brought by China International Conference of Science and Education Producers (China) Festivals Life Sciences Film Festival 2017 (Czech republic); InScience, Dutch International Science Film Festival 2017 (Netherlands); Raw Science Film Festival 2018 (USA);CPH DOX 2018 (Denmark); Imagé Santé International 2018 (Belgium); Thessaloniki International Film Festival 2018 (Greece); International Documentary Festival Docville 2018 (Belgium); TechDocFest 2018 (USA); The Philip K. Dick Film Festival 2018 (Poland); Silbersalz Future Science Media Festival 2018 (Germany); Anthem Film Festival 2018 (USA); Atlanta DocuFest 2018 (Germany); Cinemagic Belfast Festival 2018 (Ireland); Contemporary Science Film festival (Russia); Science Film Festival Future.doc / IDFF Flahertiana 2018 (Russia); Japan Prize Finalist (Japan Prize), China Dragon Awards brought by China International Conference of Science and Education Producers (China, 2019), Levi9 Festival 2019 (various countries)

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