The End of Antibiotics

For years antibiotics have been misused to treat both humans and animals for minor illnesses. Careless overprescription has led to the emergence of antibiotic-resistant bacteria. By 2050 these “superbugs” could cause more deaths than cancer.

Meanwhile research into new antibiotics is limited, considered unprofitable. Doctors and scientists fear that this combination of factors will create a “perfect storm”. If we can’t control the infections caused by these “superbugs” then not only the future of surgery but modern medicine in general is under threat.

The documentary focuses on this health risk and gives voice to doctors, veterinarians, researchers and members of the World Health Organization who are battling this steadily growing danger.


  • Year: 2018
  • Duration: 35 mins
  • Production: TV3
  • Director: Jordi Regàs and Sara Segarra
  • Available Versions: ENG
  • Country of production: Spain

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