The Future of Flight

We all know that flying is bad for the climate. Before Corona, according to the Flightracker website, there were almost 200,000 flights every day. Every second, an aircraft took off or landed somewhere in the world. Corona has changed all that. Never before has the entire aviation industry come to a such a standstill. It’s predicted that the industry will not recover until 2022 or 2023.

But does that mean that by 2022 we will again be emitting the same amount of CO2 as before? Even before the crisis we knew that flying had to become greener. Maybe Corona is our chance to rethink. How can we combine environmental protection and our need for mobility? Do we need new aircraft and new aviation fuels – or should we simply fly less? We want to find answers to these questions and ask aircraft manufacturers, scientists and transport experts about the future of aviation.


  • Year: 2020
  • Duration: 52
  • Production: A&O Buero
  • Director: Larissa Klinker
  • Available Versions: ENG
  • Country of production: Germany



  • Best Long Documentary/Feature Film Award at International Kuala Lumpur Eco Film Festival 2020 (Malaysia), EkoFilm Festival 2020 (Brno, Czech Republic), Semi-Finalist at CMS VATAVARAN - Environment and Wildlife Film Festival and Forum 2021 (New Delhi, India), China International Conference of Science and Education Producers 2020 (China), International Green Culture ‘Green Fest’ 2020 (Serbia), CZU Film Festival 2020 (Czech Republic), Krakow International Green Film Festival 2021 (Poland), Finalist at CMS VATAVARAN International Film Festival & Forum on Environment and Wildlife 2021 (India)

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