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Las Abogadas

As the U.S. Government upends every law to protect those fleeing from violence and war, four immigration attorneys fight back.

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The Netherlands: The New Cocaine Mafias

Within a few years, the Netherlands and Belgium have become hubs for drug trafficking in Europe. Today, the ultra-violent gangs of this new mafia reign terror.

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Mayotte: A French Island Adrift

Located in the heart of the Indian Ocean, between Madagascar and the coast of Mozambique, Mayotte is a part of France unlike any other.

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The Black Sea: Under War’s Shadow

With regions annexed and under international embargo, ports bombed and destroyed, ships threatened, blockades and population displacements, the Black Sea has become a focal point for all these tensions. 

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The Science of Fatherhood

How do men change psychologically and physically during pregnancy, birth and the first years of having children?

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Extreme Right and the End of the German taboo

Despite its recent terrible election results and internal divisions, the AfD doesn’t need to win elections to be dangerous. How did it come to this?  

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America: The New Conquest of the West

The North-West of the United States has become the new Eldorado for Americans fleeing the cities who unashamedly reject the woke, LGBTQ, Black Lives Matter movements. But not everyone is happy about the new arrivals...

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Poverty in the UK: Forgotten by the Crown

It's the great English paradox. If the country has a historically low unemployment rate of 3.6%, poverty is breaking all records: today, more than 15 million Britons are considered poor… That's almost a quarter of the population!

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First to Stand: The Cases and Causes of Irwin Cotler

'First to Stand' follows Irwin Cotler and his team of young activists at the Raoul Wallenberg Centre as they take on the cases and cause of political prisoners and human rights activists battling against the world’s most repressive regimes.

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