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First to Stand: The Cases and Causes of Irwin Cotler

'First to Stand' follows Irwin Cotler and his team of young activists at the Raoul Wallenberg Centre as they take on the cases and cause of political prisoners and human rights activists battling against the world’s most repressive regimes.

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Duty of Care: The Climate Trials

A true crime documentary about courts, climate change, and the unknown lawyer(s) who might just save the world.

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Spanton vs the French Police

Multi-award-winning director Ovidie re-examines the issue of consent in "Spanton Vs. The French Police". A story which asks questions which trouble us all in the post #MeToo era.

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Atomic Hope: Inside the Pro-Nuclear Movement

'Atomic Hope' follows a tiny global movement of unpopular pro-nuclear activists, who strongly believe we need nuclear power in order to decarbonize our energy systems, before catastrophic climate change occurs.

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China: The Uighur Tragedy

More than a million Uighurs are being arbitrarily detained in camps where they undergo torture, re-education, forced labour and are banned from speaking their own language. What are the real reasons behind this relentless repression

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Pleistocene Park 

A Russian scientist on the border between genius and madman, a vanished ice-age ecosystem, a climatic time-bomb and a crazy plan to save the world

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Erasmus in Gaza

Riccardo, an Italian final-year medical student, is going on Erasmus. The destination: Gaza, a war zone.

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Apple: The Trillion Dollar Betrayal

Apple is the most valuable company in the world and has a role in our lives like no other. But a company that started out as the cool underdog to Microsoft is now subsumed in a wave of controversies.

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No Fear, No Favor: Poachers to Protectors

In the heart of sub-Saharan Africa’s magnificent wilderness areas, women and men risk their lives to counter the rampant poaching crisis.

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