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Bosnia: The Last Tape

All the men in Sifa’s family went missing in the Srebenica massacre and were later identified in the mass graves, with the exception of her elder brother. Now, Sifa has to return to her native Bosnia for one more funeral.

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Rwanda: Words of Silence

French soldiers based in Rwanda during the 1994 genocide stand accused of raping the women who sought refuge with them.

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In Moscow’s Crosshairs: The History of Ukraine

Has "modern Ukraine been created entirely by Russia", as Putin claims? The documentary provides the historical background to the current invasion by Russian troops and traces Ukraine's path to independence.

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China: The Uighur Tragedy

More than a million Uighurs are being arbitrarily detained in camps where they undergo torture, re-education, forced labour and are banned from speaking their own language. What are the real reasons behind this relentless repression

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Northern Ireland: The 100 Year War

For a hundred years, Ireland has been divided in two. To the south, the Republic, an independent country and member of the European Union. To the north, Northern Ireland, belonging to the United Kingdom.

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The Day Stockholm Became A Syndrome

August 23, 1973. A bank robbery at the Stockholm turns into a hostage situation which will last six days. During those days, the four hostages bond with the bank robbers against the police. A survival mechanism that will come to become know as "Stockholm Syndrome.”

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The Brothers Grimm: More than Fairy Tales

Once upon a time there were two brothers, united for life by their passion for literature and their study of language: Wilhelm and Jacob Grimm. Their name is mostly connected with their fairy tales, those Language: Wilhelm and Jacob Grimm. But they collected these stories for political reasons. This docu-drama tells the unknown story of the famous fairy-tale collectors.

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Russia vs Russia

A young, modern generation has emerged who oppose the regime’s ever growing repression. Who are these ordinary people dreaming of a different Russia? What price will they pay for the justice and freedom they desire?

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The Queen and Her Prime Ministers

This film analyses the fascinating relationship between Queen Elizabeth II and her fourteen prime ministers.

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