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Finland: The Happiest Country in the World?

It is a small country with endless winters and yet, for the fourth consecutive year, Finland has just been crowned the happiest country in the world. What makes Finland so special?

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#Happy: The Dictatorship of Happiness on Social Media

We spend hours on Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat, seduced by their promise: to be able to share our life and our opinions with the whole world. But this irresistible quest for recognition can quickly turn into addiction, wreaking havoc on our mental health.

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The Secret World of Billionaire Philanthropists

Why do the mega-rich give money away? Filmed over two years, we follow three female billionaires, in China, in the USA and Russia, to understand why they get involved in charities and patronage. A rare look at the extraordinary world of mega-philanthropy, from selfless giving to the wielding of power and influence. 

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Truckers: Kings of the Road

In the USA, truck drivers, known as ‘truckers’, form a close-knit community of more than three million members. They are vital pillars of the US economy, because 70% of all goods are transported by road in the USA. Day in, day out, they crisscross the country on the freeways in their huge trucks, steel monsters which can carry a load of up to sixty tonnes.

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Love and Sex in Scandinavia

With its reputation for being liberal and sexually-open minded, Scandinavia leads the the world when it comes to gender equality. Its empowered women are not afraid to express their desires. But is gender equality enough to ensure harmony between men and women? In this episode, we go in search of the secrets of Nordic love.

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Japan: Inside the Closed world of Sumo

In Japan, sumo isn’t just a sport. It is almost a religion with its stars hailed as Demi Gods. But it’s a world closed to outside influence, where scandals are immediately covered up, women are considered unclean and the parents of students are asked not to visit their children for years.

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Parties, Bars and Clandestine Restaurants: The Covid Rebels

Faced with the closure of bars, restaurants and sports halls and the ban on parties, more and more French people are deciding to rebel. We join 300 revellers at a secret rave in Paris and profile others flaunting the rules.

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The African-American Elite

While African Americans are more likely to live in poverty than any other ethnic group, America is also home to the biggest group of wealthy, highly successful black people in the world. Now, 1 in 50 African American families are millionaires, forming part of a new ‘black elite'.

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Hikikomori: The Locked Generation

They are becoming more and more numerous, but we do not see them. Some disappear into solitude without anyone noticing. These are the ‘Hikikomori’. In both France and Japan, we follow psychiatrist Marie-Jeanne Guedj as she endeavours to understand ‘Hikikomori’ and treat those who are suffering from the condition.

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