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Criminal Investigations: The Fiancée’s Last Word, The Combier Case

It’s a story that Hollywood’s biggest screenwriters would envy- mixing love, murder and jealousy. A businessman reported to the police that one of his foremen, Maël Combier, is missing. The...

Criminal Investigations: Manuela, Femme Fatale

Daniel Cano is burned to death in his car. The police assume it is an accident because the victim’s body was found in the back seat. However, blood tests reveal...

Criminal Investigations: The Diabolical Lovers: The Douliéry Case

Jean-Pierre Faure mysteriously disappears. His wife, Beatrice, tells his family and friends that he left to make a new life for himself in Marseille. But this version of the events...

Criminal Investigations: The Heavy Weight of a Lie, The Case of Sylvain Schrutt

The sleepy town of Voslevres is about to be rocked by a horrific crime…Ghislaine Leclerc, a mother of three, hadn’t been seen or heard from in several days. Two of...

Criminal Investigations: Deadly Legacy, The Case of Yvette Julien

It all began with an alarming call in the early hours of the morning. An elderly woman, 90-year-old Yvette Julien, is close to death. Unconscious, she was found lying in...

Criminal Investigations: A Fatal Fortune, The Lejard Case

It was a morning like any other- or so he thought. 48-year-old Stéphane Lejard is getting ready to leave for work. He gets out of his car to open the...

Criminal Investigations: Did the Secretary kill her Boss? The Bettina Beau Case

Stéphanie Gletty went to the police station to report the disappearance of her husband, Philippe Gletty, a wealthy CEO and the father of two. The following day, his vehicle was...

Criminal Investigations: Crime in the Middle of the Ocean

A boat capsized off the coast of Portugal. Two people were rescued, a French brother and sister. They explain that the skipper and owner of the ship had tried to...

Criminal Investigation – Murder on the Farm: The Case of Aurélie Fouché

A case of extreme jealousy, or something even more sinister? In the seaside town of Cagnes-sur-Mer, a young waitress at a bar in the centre of town has been missing...

Criminal Investigations: A Columbo Style Murder

Love. Betrayal. Revenge. Jealousy. Behind every murder, there’s always a story. This long running crime series follows police investigators as they piece together some of France’s most unbelievable murders.


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