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Criminal Investigation – Murder on the Farm: The Case of Aurélie Fouché

A case of extreme jealousy, or something even more sinister? In the seaside town of Cagnes-sur-Mer, a young waitress at a bar in the centre of town has been missing...

Criminal Investigations: A Columbo Style Murder

Love. Betrayal. Revenge. Jealousy. Behind every murder, there’s always a story. This long running crime series follows police investigators as they piece together some of France’s most unbelievable murders.

Criminal Investigations: A Father’s Revenge

A man called the police in the middle of the night, reporting the discovery of a gagged individual, whose hands and feet are bound, next to the courthouse. The individual...

Criminal Investigations: The Killer’s Print

Eric Boisseranc returns home from work, and calls for his daughter Marine, who was supposed to be home. Hearing no response, he walks into the living room and is filled...

Criminal Investigations: The Time of the Crime, The Bary Case

Chicken farmer Laurent Bary returned home at 11:35 in the morning to find a horrific scene. His wife Valerie, 38, lay in a pool of blood, her skull smashed. She...

Criminal Investigations; Illegitimate Defence, The Case of Grégory Patriarch

The family of missing person Grégory Patriarche contact the police. The young man, aged 21, has been missing for over 24 hours. He had spent the evening at a friend’s...

Criminal Investigations: Cold Machiavellian, The Simone Cambou Case

In the southwest of France, Guy Chavernac, a 35-year-old warehouse employee, fails to turn up at work. His employer, Maurice Lapouge, is concerned about the absence of his usually punctual...

Criminal Investigations: Killer Rumours, The Case of Loïc Secher

A disturbing rumour spreads around a secondary school. Emilie Rédureau, a third-year student, may have been the victim of a sexual attack. Concerned, the girl’s teachers call her in. While...

Criminal Investigations: Innocent but with Dirty Hands, The Jacques Maire Case

In eastern France, the police discovered the mutilated body of a woman. The victim is quickly identified- she was only 22 years old. The autopsy reveals that she was shot...

Criminal Investigations: Confessions of a Murderer, The Poirson Case

At an animal cemetery, a hiker discovers the body of an elderly woman and another victim. The corpses have been burned. The victims are Monique Villain and her daughter, Jeanne....


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