Food Fraud: An Organised Crime

10% of what we eat is thought to be adulterated. Food crime is a multi-billion dollar industry affecting everything from the cheapest to most expensive ingredient.

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Missing Kelly

In the twilight of his life, Mike, an ordinary American man from Kentucky, is convinced of one thing: his son Kelly was murdered. The police have closed the case but Mike intends to uncover the truth.

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The Teen Gangs of Paris

14 year old girl killed in a gang fight with a dozen other teenagers in February. Another 14 year old girl beaten, pushed into the Seine and left to drown by two classmates. In the past months, Paris has witnessed a wave of extreme youth violence.

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Russia’s Cyber Army

They interfere in other countries' elections, penetrate government networks and steal millions of dollars. Just how dangerous is Russia's cyber army?

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The Gangs of Papua New Guinea

Police violently battling murderous gangs. Endemic violence, extreme poverty, obscene wealth and corruption on all levels. Welcome to Port-Moresby, Papua New Guinea.

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El Salvador: MS-13 vs Barrio 18

Welcome to the world of the Salvadoran mareros, a ruthless universe where death punctuates daily life and where people murder for a fistful of dollars.

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Dying to Divorce

Filmed over five years, 'Dying To Divorce' takes viewers into the heart of Turkey's gender-based violence crisis and the recent political events that have severely eroded democratic freedoms. Through intimately shot personal stories, the film gives a unique perspective on the struggle to be an independent woman in modern Turkey.

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A Disturbing Rap

For the lucky few, rap has become a way of escaping the ghetto and becoming a star. But at the roots of this music is the misery of the ghettos, racism and police violence. How did this street music become mass culture? Has rap sold its soul as a marketing product?

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In the heart of the Sinaloa Cartel

We gained exceptional access to several factions of the Sinaloa cartel.

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