Innocent on Death Row II: About Time

After almost 20 years of solitary confinement on death row and days away from his execution, Clinton Young is granted a new trial. But how do you adapt to life outside?

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Marseille: When Drugs Rule

In Marseille gangs wage a merciless war to control the drug market. Because in Marseille, the economic stakes are enormous. Drug trafficking, which generates more than thirty million euros per month, is prevalent throughout the local economy.

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DNA: The End of Crime?

If the DNA profiles of just 3% of the population are on a database, you can find anyone. But what are the implications of this? Who should have access to these databases? And under what circumstances?

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Dangerous Cities: Rio

Rio de Janeiro is a city in a state of perpetual war. Heavily-armed drug dealers control the favelas, while specially-trained police battle to take them down.

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Dangerous Cities: Cape Town

Three thousand people a year are murdered in Cape Town, making it the most dangerous city in Africa.

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Femicide: the intentional killing of a woman or a girl by a man because they are female. Typically the woman killed will either just have ended a relationship or be acting more independently. The murder is presented as an anomaly in the press: the man was depressed or the woman somehow provoked him. The real causes of femicide are rarely explored.

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Robin Bank

He stole half a million euros from thirty-nine different banks and then donated it all to social causes.

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Since the beginning of the War on Drugs, the number of women in U.S. prisons has grown over 800%. The majority are mothers. 

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China’s Hacker Army

When Microsoft accused ‘state-backed’ Chinese hackers of entering its servers to target at least 60,000 global users, few people were surprised. It was just the latest in a long line of Chinese cyberattacks.

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