Farming in America: The Land of Junk Food

In the land of junk food, agriculture is controlled by two magic words: productivity and profitability. We investigate the excesses of American agribusiness.

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Green Warriors: The Toxic Legacy of Warfare

Pollution from buried weapons and ammunition has already claimed victims in Europe. Samples taken by the Green Warriors team revealed the presence of TNT, titanium and high levels of lead at in the vicinity of NATO's largest military test camp.

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Bridges, Roads, Infrastructure: America Collapses Into Ruin

Collapsing stretches of motorway, the New York Underground on the verge of flooding and a series of train derailments: this is the disturbing reality of the infrastructure of the world's leading power.

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Tokyo by Night : Secret Japan

It's one of the biggest megalopolis in the world. Forty-million inhabitants pass through every day. But at night, Tokyo is transformed.

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China’s Secret Police

It is a barely believable story that took place in Paris on the 22nd of March: a completely illegal attempt was made by the Chinese authorities to deport a Chinese dissident.

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The American-Mexican Abortion Network

While the right to an abortion is no longer guaranteed in the US, it has now been decriminalised just across the border in Mexico. As a result, there are now Mexican women pledging to help give Americans access to illegal abortions.

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USA: Mythical Trains, Legendary Landscapes –  The Latest Rail Adventures

Left in the shadow of the plane and the car, the train is taking its revenge in the United States. Cheaper and more ecological: Americans and tourists are rediscovering the fabled tracks that have shaped the country. 

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Afghanistan : Radio Begum, Voice of the Resistance 

Filmed in secret, in a dictatorship that is virtually closed to foreign cameras, this report offers unprecedented access to the only resistance that endures in Afghanistan: that of the women.

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Children of Jihadists – The Impossible Return ?

The only three deradicalisation centres for the children of Jihadists can be found in Orkesh, Syrian Kurdistan. Should these youths be held responsible for the fanaticism of their parents?

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