The Forgotten Nuclear Victims

From 1950 to 1990, France, the United-States and the United Kingdom dropped hundreds of nuclear bombs on the Pacific islands. At the cost of sacrificing the local populations.

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Poland: A Divided Country

Poland is more divided than ever before, between those who defend traditional values and those who want Poland to modernise and look to the future.

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Greenwashing : The Climate Killer 

Faced with consumer pressure amid the climate crisis, multinationals increasingly vaunt their commitment to “carbon neutrality”. But can we believe their claims of ‘net zero’ or is this simply greenwashing?

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The Ultra Right & Neo Nazis: The New Terrorist Threat

They call themselves racialists – in other words, they are neo-Nazis. ese far right groups are also very well-connected and they organize themselves all over Europe.

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Thailand: Return of the Sex Tourists

As soon as Thailand reopened its borders to tourists, the pedophiles returned. And as poverty in the country has worsened, the successes achieved in the past decades in the fight against pedophile sex tourism are now on the line.

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Turkey: The World According to Erdogan

We journey through Recep Tayyip Erdogan's Turkey, torn between submission and resistance.

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Green Warriors: Children of Lead (Short Version)

From Peru, where the mineral is extracted, all the way to France, where the metal is refined, lead pollutes the earth, the rivers, food supplies, and local people.

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Handmade: A Tale of Stop Motion

“Handmade” is a documentary film that tells the inspiring story of Nukufilm, the oldest surviving stop-motion animation studio in the world, founded in 1957.

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Nomad Solitude

Laurie, Kristy and Linda each live alone on the roads of America, sleeping in their vehicles. They are just three among thousands of modern American nomads who can no longer afford to pay for conventional housing.

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