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Russia vs Russia

Twenty years after Vladimir Putin came to power, Russia is deeply divided. A young, modern generation has emerged who oppose the regime's ever growing repression. Meanwhile the Kremlin, which retains the support of much of the older generation, has hardened its repression against all opposition.

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Generation Utøya

A decade after they survived the terror attacks on Utøya island by a far-right extremist who targeted members of Norway's Workers' Youth League, four women transform their injuries and trauma into strength and use their personal experiences to legitimize their political positions.

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Missing Kelly

In the twilight of his life, Mike, an ordinary American man from Kentucky, is convinced of one thing: his son Kelly was murdered. The police have closed the case but Mike intends to uncover the truth.

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The World Beyond Silence

Filmed over a year in twelve different countries, this film profiles the year when, thanks to Covid everything changed. Twelve intimate portraits from twelve places in a fragile world.

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Ghosts of Afghanistan

The speed at which the Taliban have retaken Afghanistan has taken everyone by surprise. How could it happen? What went wrong with ‘the good war’? And what comes next? 

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The Cancer Conflict

It’s estimated that up to up to 90% of cancer patients look for alternative or complimentary treatments, a decision that doubles the risk of death. But in a world of misinformation, how can patients make an informed choice?

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On the Line

Every year, over 100,000 Mexicans are deported to their countries of origin by the U.S. administration. Many of them, however, have grown up or built their lives in the United States.

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Shadow Game

Every day teenagers who have fled their war-torn countries try to cross Europe’s borders in search of protection and a better life. They travel through a shadow world of minefields, bears, fast-flowing rivers, smugglers and border guards., desperately trying to win what they call 'The Game’.

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#DIESELGATE: How the car industry lied to us all

In this investigative documentary, industry insiders reveal how the dieselgate scandal is the logical consequence of a culture of profit maximization at the expense of morality, decency and legality.

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