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Planet Killers

They’re the criminal masterminds killing our planet. In this series, we follow the operations of Interpol Environmental Crimes Unit as they track down the world’s most wanted environmental criminals. In this 4 x 52 mins series, we follow interpol.

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Namibia: Africa’s New Far West

Namibia has the third highest levels of income inequality in the world. 6% of the population owned 70% of the land and here, the wounds of German Colonisation run deep.

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Dangerous Roads: Spain

This series follows the forces of law and order around the world as they deal with horrific road accidents and try to prevent road fatalities.

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Musk vs Bezos: The New Star Wars

The two richest men in the world are engaged in a vicious space race that has implications for us all. For years, Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk have squabbled in the media over everything from who is the wealthiest to who did what first. But their rival space programmes, satellite launches and plans to colonise the planets have launched a new Space Age.

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Ukraine: War Photographers

What toll does photographing constant suffering take on the war photographer? What are their limits? In the age of social networks, where everyone is a photographer, how has their role changed?

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Extreme Paparazzis: The Scoop Hunters

Every evening in America, hundreds of paparazzis go scoop hunting. Their goal: to film the most sensational road accidents, fires, murders, shootings and police chases to feed the continuous news channels.

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Ukraine: Women in War

Although women are exempt from conscription in Ukraine and granted asylum abroad, many of them have chose to stay and act. We meet the mothers and girls, combatants and carers, politicians and resistance fighters who are involved in the daily struggle for survival in Ukraine.

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War in Ukraine: How Putin Manipulates the Russian People

Months into the invasion of Ukraine, Vladimir Putin's propaganda is running at full speed in Russia. Independent media have all been shut down, the main social networks blocked. Opponents who did not flee have thrown into prison. Throughout the country, no dissonant voice against the war is tolerated.

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In Moscow’s Crosshairs: The History of Ukraine

Has "modern Ukraine been created entirely by Russia", as Putin claims? The documentary provides the historical background to the current invasion by Russian troops and traces Ukraine's path to independence.

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