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Lebanon: In the Crosshairs

On the brink of becoming a failed state, the former "Switzerland of the Middle East" is ruined by financial collapse, corruption and the dismal failure of sectarian politics, as epitomized by the huge August 2020 explosion that left the capital in tatters. Lebanon now finds itself more vulnerable than ever to foreign influence. Who is taking control of Lebanon and at what cost?

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In the Heart of the Taliban

A few weeks ago, when the Taliban were in the middle of planning their final offensive, we were the last journalist to meet them. We gained access to the towns and villages they administered. It’s likely that what we witnessed and filmed is just a prelude to what will come to be imposed on all the country.

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The Secret World of Billionaire Philanthropists

Why do the mega-rich give money away? Filmed over two years, we follow three female billionaires, in China, in the USA and Russia, to understand why they get involved in charities and patronage. A rare look at the extraordinary world of mega-philanthropy, from selfless giving to the wielding of power and influence. 

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Tricked into Surgery: India’s Hysterectomy Scandal

Thousands of women in India are being tricked into expensive and unnecessary operations to remove their wombs by unscrupulous private doctors. As well as leaving their families burdened with heavy debt, the operations push the women into early menopause, often leaving them weak and unable to work.

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The Taliban Five

Now that the Taliban have retaken Afghanistan, what will their administration be like? In this exclusive film, including an unprecedented interview with Muhammad Nabi Omari, one of the notorious 'Taliban Five', we see how the destinies of five men summed up 20 years of war in Afghanistan. And how these same five men will probably shape the next Taliban government.

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Food Fraud: An Organised Crime

10% of what we eat is thought to be adulterated. Food crime is a multi-billion dollar industry affecting everything from the cheapest to most expensive ingredient.

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Generation Utøya

A decade after they survived the terror attacks on Utøya island by a far-right extremist who targeted members of Norway's Workers' Youth League, four women transform their injuries and trauma into strength and use their personal experiences to legitimize their political positions.

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Truckers: Kings of the Road

In the USA, truck drivers, known as ‘truckers’, form a close-knit community of more than three million members. They are vital pillars of the US economy, because 70% of all goods are transported by road in the USA. Day in, day out, they crisscross the country on the freeways in their huge trucks, steel monsters which can carry a load of up to sixty tonnes.

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Modi’s India: Democracy or Dictatorship?

He’s been dubbed an ultranationalistic dictator who is dividing the country. His controversial ‘anti-muslim’ citizenship reforms deprived millions of people of their rights and any criticism of his government is quickly silenced. But what shaped Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s political view and ideology?

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