Breakpoint: Part 1

For the last two centuries progress has been our reason for being, progress has provided us with better ways of living. But progress has also given us napalm, pesticides, nuclear waste and global warming. And progress significantly altered our planet for the long term. It can be measured in the atmosphere, in the ice caps and in sediment layers.

In the last 40 years, the global scientific community has intensified research and warnings. They regard our times as a new geological era. By this reasoning, we are not merely living in an environmental crisis, but rather a geological revolution caused by mankind. This new epoch has been dubbed the Anthropocene: The Age of Man.

What are the historical landmarks, the scientific and technological discoveries and the political and industrial choices at the source of this major change? Mixing footage and propaganda images with an original soundtrack, BREAKPOINT looks back at 200 years of development to provide an alternative view of our history of progress.

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  • Year: 2019
  • Duration: 52
  • Production: Cinephage, Les Films Du Tambour De Soie
  • Director: Jean-Robert Viallet
  • Available Versions: ENG, FRA
  • Country of production: France



  • Awards: Special Mention Environment & Society (Cinemambiente 2019, Italy), Etoile de la SCAM 2020 (France), Jury Award at FEISME 2020 (France), Other festivals selections: Festival du Film Vert 2020 (Switzerland), Naturvision Film Festival 2019 (Germany), Cine Eco Seia 2019 (Portugal), Nuremberg Human Rights Film Festival 2019 (Germany), Matsalu Nature Film Festival 2019 (Estonia), Trieste Science+Fiction Film Festival 2019 (Italy), Festival du Film Engagé 2019 (France), Festival Climax 2019 (France), Pariscience 2019 (France), FIPADOC 2020 (France), Greenpeace Film Festival 2019 (Online festival worldwide), Bonner Filmfair 2019 (ALanus University, Germany), Festival Les Pluies de Juillet 2020 (France), Ecofalante 2020 (Brazil), Seoul Eco Film Festival 2020 (South Korea), Science Film Festival 2020 (various countries in Africa, Asia & Latin America), Festival du film d'architecture de Lorraine 2020 (France), Another Way Film Festival 2020 (Spain), Metz Film Festival de la transition écologique 2021 (France), Festival Ciné-Vert 2021 (Canada), Festival "Gare aux Docs" 2021 (La Recyclerie, Paris, France)

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