Code: Debugging the Gender Gap

At a time when jobs in the tech sector are outpacing growth in all other sectors, where are all the women? Some of the most important pioneer coders were women but today, only 15% of software engineers in Silicon Valley are. This lack of diversity can have serious consequences – as was the case with airbags, designed by and modelled on men and often fatal to women, whose smaller size wasn’t taken into account.

Selected for Tribeca, this film goes behind the glib statistics to find out why so few women work in computer sciences. Through interviews with successful women programmers at Pixar, Pinterest and Etsy, it looks at what can be done to encourage the next generation of women programmers.


  • Year: 2015
  • Duration: 51 & 58 & 80 mins
  • Production: Finish Line Features
  • Director: Robin Hauser Reynolds
  • Available Versions: ENG
  • Country of production: USA



  • Impact Award at 2015 Naples International Film Festival; First Prize Best Documentary Feature 2015 Rhode Island International Film Festival; Call 2 Action Award at Boulder International Film Festival 2016; Platinum Winner at 2015 International Independent Film festival; Accolade Global Film Competition Award 2016 (for Awards of Excellence : 1. Special Mention for Documentary Feature, 1. Contemporary Issues & Awareness Raising , 3. Use of Film / Video for Social Change, 4. Viewer Impact: Motivational / Inspirational, 5. Special Effects: Animation, 6.Original Score (Composed by Laura Karpman)); Tribeca Film Festival (USA); AFI Docs (USA); Bentonville Film Festival (USA); Ambulante Documentary Film Festival (USA); Mill Valley Film Festival (USA); Carmel International film Festival (USA); Napa Valley Film Festival (USA); Anchorage International Film Festival (USA); Durango Independent Film Festival (USA); 2015 Women’s Independent Film festival (USA); Vox Feminae Film Festival (Croatia); Transitions Film Festival (Australia); Academia Film Olomouc (Czech Republic); Berlin Feminist Film Week (Germany); 2016 San Luis Obispo International Film festival (USA); 2016 Las Cruces International Film Festival (USA); Moscow International Documentary Film Festival Doker (Russia); 2016 Mendocino Film Festival (California, USA); ADA Lovelace Film Festival ( Germany); The Anima Film fest ( Argentina); CNEX Documentary Film Festival (Taiwan); FIWOM (South Korea); Elles Tournent, Brussels International Women’s Film festival (Belgium); Leeds Digital Festival (UK); Paris Lesbian and Feminist Film Festival (France); Dublin Feminist Film Festival (Ireland).

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