Crime Tourism

Curious tourists hand over large sums of money to visit crime scenes, cemeteries and walk in the footsteps of some of the world’s most dangerous criminals. In Dallas more than a million visitors arrive every year see the place where President Kennedy was assassinated. They lap up the guides’ various conspiracy theories about what really happened that fateful day. In Louisiana people flock to watch the annual re-enactment of the bloody death of the infamous Bonnie and Clyde.Descendants of the duo and the police involved are there to greet the tourists and make some money from their family history. However not all the relations want profit from the suffering, and in Milwaukee tours centring on notorious serial killer Jeffery Dahmers murder spree have upset his victims’ families.

Where do we draw the line between historical curiosity and gruesome voyeurism? Are those profiting from these tours just clever entrepreneurs or should we put a stop to their exploitation of others suffering? An interesting look at the macabre world of crime tourism.


  • Year: 2012
  • Duration: 32 mins
  • Production: Tony Comiti
  • Director: Cyril Chapuis
  • Available Versions: FRA
  • Country of production: France

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