Chicago has one of the most dangerous road networks on the American continent. The cause: crime.

Carjacking – the theft of a car accompanied by threats or violence against the driver – has become a speciality of Chicago gangs. An average of 10 take place every a day. Other car thieves have started using a new method which involves a simple USB cable. The offenders, often minors, proudly display their crimes online. But the consequences can be tragic, with hit-and-runs and collateral damage.

Another scourge: extreme weather conditions. In winter, temperatures approach minus 30 degrees and recurring blizzards are often the cause of impressive pile-ups.

These extreme conditions benefit the breakdown companies. Some do not hesitate to take advantage of disorientated motorists and, in some cases, the result is bills running into several thousand dollars – bills that are both unjustified and illegal. It has become such a problem that special units have been set up to protect drivers.

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  • Year: 2023
  • Duration: 52 min
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  • Director: Barbara Hinderholtz
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