Duty of Care: The Climate Trials

Duty of Care tells the exclusive, inside story of Roger Cox, the first and only lawyer to have successfully sued a government and an oil giant in landmark court cases that established catastrophic climate change can be made illegal. Roger’s ground-breaking cases against the Dutch government and oil giant Shell established that those in power owe a duty of care to citizens to avoid catastrophic climate change, stunning legal experts and sending shockwaves through parliaments and corporate boardrooms around the world.

With echoes of the lawsuits against Big Tobacco, this inspirational 55-minute documentary gives viewers a behind-the-scenes experience of the David v. Goliath battle as one Dutch property lawyer turned litigation maverick takes on powerful states and the world’s largest oil company in the court room drama of our lifetimes.

With interviews from experts and activists leading the wave of international climate litigations triggered by Roger’s successes, the film presents a fresh and inspiring story about, and for, future generations of climate leaders, as Lady Justice takes over where politicians and profit makers have obstructed and delayed. Can Roger, now one of Time Magazine’s Top 100 people, and the pioneers of climate litigation succeed before it’s too late?


  • Year: 2022
  • Duration: 57 mins
  • Production: Wistoria
  • Director: Nic Balthazar
  • Available Versions: ENG, NLD
  • Country of production: Belgium


  • Honorable Mention in the „Best Mid Length“ Category at Innsbruck Nature Film Festival 2023 (Austria), Movies that Matter 2022 (Netherlands), Docville 2022 Belgium (Audience Award), Braunschweig International Film Festival 2022 Germany (Green Horizons Award ), Matsalu Nature Film Festival 2022 Estonia (Special Prize of Estonian Fund for Nature), Festival des Libertés 2022 (Belgium), Human Rights Film Festival Berlin 2022 (Germany), Climate Festival Antwerp 2022 (Netherlands), Films for The Earth Festival 2022 (Switzerland), Sustainable Living Film Festival 2022 (Turkey), Global Health Film Festival 2022 (UK), FIFDH Geneva 2023 - Schools Programme (Switzerland), Festival du Film Vert 2023 (Switzerland and France), CITIIS-Urban Climate Film Festival 2023 (India), , Riviera International Film Festival 2023 (Italy), Nominated for the category "NaturVision Film Award RETHINK" at Naturvision Film Festival 2023 (Germany), Greenmotions Film Festival 2023 (Germany), Globale Mittelhessen FilmFestival 2023 (Germany), ALTEFF All Living Things Environmental Film Festival 2023 (India), Science Film Festival 2023 (Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Rwanda, Sri Lanka and The Philippines ), British Columbia Environmental Film Festival 2023 (Canada), Global Health Film Festival Australia 2023, Another Way Film Festival Bordeaux 2024 (France), CMS VATAVARAN International Environment and Wildlife Film Festival & Forum 2024 (India), E?! Okolisni Filmski Festival 2024 (Croatia),

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