Eat, Grow, Love

We often ask ourselves, how can I contribute to a more sustainable society? ‘Eat, Grow, Love’ travels across the globe to find that permaculture could well hold some of the answers. Six individuals living in very different climates each prove that designing systems that use permaculture principles really can be a solution.

Most of us dream of eating healthier and have a strong desire to get back in touch with mother nature. Our time today is precious, we lead such hectic and stressful lives and consume because of convenience, we’ve become distracted and detached from nature.

What if a simple set of design principles known as permaculture could help us to have the knowledge to grow our own food, on our windowsill, back garden or even our roof without it taking up all of our precious time?  ‘Eat, Grow, Love’ focuses on 6 individuals from across the globe: Iceland, Palestine, USA, Australia, UK and India who have all found that the answer to their problems lies in permaculture. 

Permaculture offers a solution of how to prepare to be proud of what we hand down to the next generations by designing systems to grow our own food in the most highly productive and regenerative manner possible.


  • Year: 2018
  • Duration: 90 & 53 mins
  • Production: Compass Films
  • Director: Þórður Jónsson & Heather Millard
  • Available Versions: ENG
  • Country of production: Iceland


  • UNEP Ecofilmprize of the Science Film Festival 2021 at Science Film Festival 2021 (Bangladesh, Egypt, India, Iran, Malaysia, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Vietnam), Skjaldborg Documentary film festival (Iceland), Albania Environmental Film Festival (Albania), Let’s Talk about Food Waste Film festival 2021 (Kosovo), Imagine! Festival of Ideas & Politics 2021 (UK & Ireland), Seoul Eco Film Festival 2021 (Korea),

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