Emeralds: In Pursuit of the Green Diamond

Walking the red carpets of the Cannes for the first time, Julia Roberts wore an enormously sublime emerald around her neck. This deep green, precious stone immediately captivated the public eye. The reaction was unprecedented; not only did it constitute an exquisite piece of jewellery, but also a profitable investment. On a value increase of 7% per year, this jewel exceeds the standards of its other star competitor, the diamond.

Colombia is the number one global producer of emeralds. At the edge of the official market, a parallel underground market finds prosperity, escaping all boundaries of control. We followed its trail, from Bogota to Paris. From underprivileged mine workers to international negotiators, as well as encountering the barons of these precious stones, this film draws this lucrative business out of the shadows.

After his first investigation on international cocaine routes, French-Colombian Journalist, Thierry Gaytán, returns in pursuit of the beautiful green diamond.


  • Year: 2016
  • Duration: 52 mins
  • Production: Pallas Television
  • Director: THIERRY GAYTÁN
  • Available Versions: FRA
  • Country of production: France