In Love with a Killer II

Why would someone fall in love with a convicted killer whose only hope of leaving prison is in a coffin?

In the second part of the documentary ‘In love with a killer’ we meet more women who have fallen in love with murders. Angelina Herlander was deeply attracted to much younger man she met at a gig and decided to write to him when he appeared on the news having carried out a frenzied attack in a nursery knifing 2 adults and 2 children to death. Beatrice Leprince fell in love with Danny Leprince, accused for the murder of his brother and sister in law in 1994, after seeing a documentary about his case, she says is he the ‘perfect man’. Petra is in love with death row inmate Patrick Hannon, he is awaiting execution and she flies from Germany twice a year to spend time with him unsure of what the future holds. Belgian Danielle was married to American former gang member Franck Moore; he was executed in 2009.

How can a prison pen friend evolve into a lover? Should we see these people as deluded victims? Or can love really flourish behind prison walls?


  • Year: 2013
  • Duration: 55 mins
  • Production: Pallas Télévision
  • Director: Patrick Schmitt, Sylvie Aguirre and Thierry Fournet
  • Available Versions: ENG, FRA
  • Country of production: France

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