London: No Limits

Lately, more and more tourists are flocking to London. Financially, the city is number one in the world but it is also becoming one of the most liberal on the planet. Sex, politics, religion: in the name of freedom of expression, a fundamental British value, it seems that (almost) anything is possible.

Today the capital’s heroines are the ‘It girls’, the young women who set all the trends. Kate Moss was the pioneer, but the current queen of the scene goes by the name of Pixie Lott. This young singer has only one album under her belt, but she is the last word on what’s hot and what’s not. How are the film, CD and clothing industries using their London muse on an international scale?

The city is also famed for its tolerance when it comes to sexual matters. For enthusiasts, dungeons of debauchery await, run by sadomasochistic mistresses. For couples craving stronger sensations, there are evening classes to introduce them into the world of extreme practices. The market for illegal drugs is also rapidly expanding: new substances as harmful as they are powerful are quite literally delivered to your door. At the moment, London is the capital for every kind of extreme.


  • Year: 2010
  • Duration: 72 MINS
  • Production: LIGNE DE FRONT
  • Director: TED ANSPACH
  • Available Versions: FRA
  • Country of production: France