No Fear, No Favor: Poachers to Protectors

In the heart of sub-Saharan Africa’s magnificent wilderness areas, women and men risk their lives to counter the rampant poaching crisis. In Zambia, Namibia, and Kenya, local people have staked their future on sustaining African wildlife. One, a single mother raising three young girls, does high risk undercover work, and is routinely arrested along with poachers she has identified. Another is a former elephant poacher who now works as an armed guardian protecting orphaned baby elephants. And a third helped rescue the infant elephant, “Suni”, who had been mutilated with an axe by the poachers who killed her mother. He became the Education Director at Zambia’s Kafue National Park outreach program. His work reaches thousands of schoolchildren every month. 

Filmed over several years in Zambia’s vast Kafue National Park, as well as in North Kenya and Namibia, the film focuses on local stakeholders who fight to protect Africa’s iconic wildlife. Through community conservancies that foster ecotourism and return financial benefit to the participants, they are creating new green livelihoods while reclaiming a vital heritage for future generations.​​​

In ‘No Fear, No Favor: Poachers to Protectors’ we see the beginnings of grassroots efforts that both sustain endangered species, and help thwart illegal activity. There is an intimate connection between poverty and poaching. By reversing that dynamic – so that rural communities profit from local conservation – wildlife thrives. This represents an approach for sustaining wildlife and wilderness areas everywhere.


  • Year: 2022
  • Duration: 58 & 65 mins
  • Production: Nobody's Girls, Inc
  • Director: Mirra Bank
  • Available Versions: ENG
  • Country of production: USA

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