Like all Israeli youth, Atalya is expected to become a soldier. Unlike most, she questions the practices of her country’s military, and becomes determined to challenge this rite of passage. Despite her family’s political disagreements and personal concerns, she refuses military duty and is imprisoned for her dissent. Her courage moves those around her to reconsider their own political positions and power to effect change. Objector follows Atalya to prison and beyond, offering a unique window into the Israeli-Palestinian conflict from the perspective of a young woman who seeks truth and takes a stand for justice.


  • Year: 2019
  • Duration: 75 and 55 mins
  • Production: Buried Seed Productions
  • Director: Molly Stuart
  • Available Versions: ENG, ESP LATAM
  • Country of production: United States



  • Main Award for Best Documentary at Al Jazeera Balkans Documentary Festival 2020 (Bosnia & Herzegovina), 2nd Prize ImagineIndia Film festival 2020 (Madrid, Spain), Best International Documentary at Hot Springs Documentary Film Festival 2019 (USA), Best Documentary and Best Interfaith Films at St Louis Film Festival 2019, Top 5 for Audience Award (IDFA Competition 2019 for Student Documentary, Focus: It Still Hurts), Big Sky Film Festival 2020 (USA), Athena Film Festival 2020 (USA), Jewish Film Institute WinterFest 2020 (USA), Beirut International Women Film Festival 2020 (Turkey), Arab Film Days 2020 (Norway), DocEdge 2020 (New Zealand), New Haven Documentary Film Festival 2020 (USA), Primed 2020 (France), Human Rights Documentary Film Days 2020 (Turkey), Flickers Rhode Island Film Festival 2020 (USA ), Other Israel Film Festival 2020 (USA), Jayu Human Rights Film Festival 2020 (Canada), MACTA Women's International Film Festival 2020 (India), Solidarity Human Rights Film Festival 2020 (Israel), Terra Di Tutti International Film Festival 2020 (Italy), MOVE It! Festival 2020 (Germany), Elles Tournent 2021 (Belgium), Globale Mittelhessen Documentary Film Festival 2021 (Germany). IDFA Docschool Online 2021 (Netherlands), FIFDH Geneva Educational Program 2021 (Switzerland), Festival Foutez-Nous la Paix ! 2021 (France), FIWOM Film Festival for Women's Rights in Seoul 2021 (South Korea), Miradas Diversas – Festival Internacional de Cine de Derechos Humanos 2021 (Venezuela), Sevil International Women’s Film Festival 2021 (Azerbaijan), AKS International Minorities Festival 2021 (Pakistan)

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