Robin Bank

He stole half a million euros from thirty-nine different banks and then donated it all to social causes.

This is the story of Enric Duran, a Catalan activist who took out loans for half a million euros which he never intended to repay. Instead, he used the money to fund social projects and claimed he committed the robberies to expose bad practices of the banking system. He also wanted to encourage people to think differently and join him creating another, more equal and sustainable world. 

Facing certain imprisonment, Duran went on the run in 2013 but he continues to work on underground movements of economic disobedience. His actions made headlines all over the world and turned Duran into a hero of the anti-globalisation movement. One of those he inspired was director Anna Giralt Gris, who goes on a mission to find him and investigate the consequences of his actions.

But as she unravels what really happened and finally speaks to Duran himself, a deeper, more complex story emerges. Where do you draw the line between what is legal and what’s legitimate? Can one person really save the world?


  • Year: 2022
  • Duration: 80 & 52 mins
  • Production: Gusano Films & Indi Film
  • Director: Anna Giralt Gris
  • Available Versions: ENG, FRA, ESP
  • Country of production: Spain & Germany


  • Audience Award at Docs Barcelona 2022 (Spain), Thessaloniki Documentary Festival 2022 ( Greece) , CPH:DOX 2022 (Denmark), Malaga International Film Festival 2022 (Spain), FIC-CAT 2022 (Spain), Cinéma Sous Les Etoiles 2022 (Canada)

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