Sons of the Land

Between 400 and 800 French farmers commit suicide every year. In 1999, the father of director Edouard Bergeon became one of them. Decades later, Bergeon returns to his roots in Southwest France to follow the Itards, a family of farmers, for 14 months. Their story provides a microcosm of the crisis engulfing farmers across Europe today. While telling their story, Bergoen tells his own.


  • Year: 2012
  • Duration: 87 mins
  • Production: Sable Rouge & Magneto Press
  • Director: Edouard Bergeon
  • Available Versions: ENG, FRA
  • Country of production: France



  • Special Mention of the Jury at FIPA 2012 (Biarritz) !!! Best Feature Documentary Award at Terra Festival 2013 (Guadaloupe), Finalist for the Prix Albert Londres 2012; ESJ-Lille Award for the first film at FIGRA (Festival international du grand reportage d’actualité et du documentaire de société). IDFA (Netherlands), Eurodok (Norway), Vera Film Festival (Finland), Göteborg International Film Festival (Sweden) . International Documentary Film festival (Guth Gafa. CITY OF DERRY. Ireland), Freiburger film forum. FRIBOURG. Allemagne. Sélection au Festival de Saint-Bonnet-en-Bresse, L’ici et l’ailleurs. Saöne-et-Loire. Compétition officielle Projection samedi 23 mars 2013 à 21h15 Festival de l’environnement. Cinéma des cinéastes. Paris. 21 février 2013.

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