Tokyo by Night : Secret Japan

It’s one of the biggest megalopolis in the world. Forty-million inhabitants pass through every day. But at night, Tokyo is transformed. We come across eccentric characters who speak of a Japan that is mysterious and inaccessible to foreigners. A world where traditions are expressed but so are the flaws and failings of Japanese society.

In Kabukicho, the capital’s red-light district, the latest trend is “hosts” clubs. Here, young men are paid to keep customers company and to flirt with them. The one rule: no sex! An astonishing business born from the immense loneliness experienced by the Japanese. The job may be lucrative, but the young “hosts” are worn down by the night-shifts and the astronomical quantities of alcohol they guzzle down each night. Equally disconcerting for Westerners, the phenomenon of “Idols” sees hundreds of groups of very sexy singers and dancers idealised by the Japanese. They view them as their virtual girlfriends.

By night, some of Tokyo’s streets take a darker turn. This is where we meet the ‘Toyoko Kids’, teenage runaways with no fixed abode, living on the streets and left to their own devices. Asuka is one of Tokyo’s most respected nightlife personalities. She is ‘Mama-San’, an heiress to the Geisha tradition. She runs the city’s most exclusive hostess bar, a meeting place for rich and influential businessmen. Surprisingly, she has agreed to reveal some of her secrets to us. 

Adrien is the Frenchman who organises the city’s most decadent parties. In his bar, the Japanese let loose with complete freedom and no taboos!


  • Year: 2024
  • Duration: 56 mins
  • Production: Sable Rouge
  • Director:
  • Available Versions: ENG, FRA
  • Country of production: France