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The Future of Flight

Is the Coronavirus crisis our chance to rethink the aviation industry? How can we combine environmental protection and our need for mobility? Do we need new aircraft and new aviation fuels – or should we simply fly less?

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Extreme Constructions: The Secrets of Strasbourg Cathedral

It was the highest building constructed during the Middle Ages and is an architectural masterpiece. For the first time, researchers trace in 3D the incredible history of the building of Strasbourg Cathedral.

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The Earth’s Furies: Avalanches

Avalanches can reach speeds of 30 km an hour, exerting a force ten times stronger than cyclones. How can they be predicted and their impact limited?

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The Earth’s Furies: Lightning

Every year, 30 million bolts of lightning hit the earth. No zone is spared. So what is the best defence? And why are certain geographical areas increasingly affected?

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The Earth’s Furies: Blizzards

Combining ice cold temperatures, snow and extreme wind, this episode explores the destructive and unpredictable nature of blizzards.

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Sunken Eldorado: The New Underwater Gold Rush

Faced with an ever-growing demand for precious metals and dwindling extraction sites, the world's oceans are being seen as a new Eldorado. Thousands of shipwrecks litter the ocean floor with cargoes of these 'precious metals'.

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Algae: The New Superplant

Could algae replace oil and create a world without plastic?

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Species Invasion

Imported plant and animal species are fighting with our own native species for the same resources. What does this mean for our future?

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Biotech: The World of Microorganisms

We look at some of the most promising biotechnological products being developed, and explore some of the potential dangers.

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