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Festival Success for Atomic Hope, Duty of Care & Rewild Documentaries!

Posted: March 13

We are incredibly proud to announce that three of our films have been selected for screening at three upcoming festivals: congratulations to all those involved!

Atomic Hope: Inside the Pro-Nuclear Movement (2022)

Directed by Frankie Fenton and produced by Kennedy Films, Atomic Hope has been a hit at festivals around the world, and will now make its Danish debut at CPH:DOX.

After premiering at HotDocs2022, Atomic Hope has been selected by CPH:DOX in their Science section & Rewriting The Future section for their 2023 edition. Following a string of selections in other festivals in Ireland, Spain, Belgium, Estonia & Israel, we’re delighted about this news for director Frankie Fenton and his production team.

“Powerful, convincing.”

– ★★★★☆ – Peter Bradshaw, The Guardian

The documentary – which was filmed over a ten-year period – follows a group of controversial pro-nuclear activists who are in favour of the use of nuclear power to prevent climate change by fossil fuels. 

They argue that their beliefs are based in science and technology, and they challenge the popular beliefs and concerns held by more traditional environmentalists – raising the question, should we stop the mass closure of nuclear power plants and see them as a viable alternative to fossil fuels?

More information on how to attend can be found here! It will be screened on March 18th and March 24th. 

Rewild (2022)

Alexis Breton, Cyprien d’Haese & Thomas Zribi directed this environmental documentary – which was produced by Nova Prod and released in 2022. Rewild will feature in the Festival du Film Vert in Switzerland.

The film follows the idea of ‘rewilding’ – setting aside vast areas of land to let wildlife thrive without human interaction, and focuses in particular on various projects around the world where people have been reintroducing endangered animals and restoring disappeared ecosystems.

Rewild will be having 50 screenings at the environmental festival Festival du Film Vert in Switzerland – from the 4th March to the 5th April. 

For more information on the screenings, click here!

Duty of Care: The Climate Trials (2022)

Released in 2022, Nic Balthazar’s highly acclaimed green documentary – produced by Wistoria will be featured in the International Film Festival and Forum on Human Rights (FIFDH) in Geneva.

Nic Balthazar’s highly acclaimed green documentary “Duty Of Care: The Climate Trials” will have two screenings in Geneva at the 21st edition of FIFDH. The film debuted at Docville in 2022 and won the Audience Award there, and it will also be featured in the Festival du Film Vert – alongside our documentary Rewild

Balthazar’s documentary follows the story of Roger Cox, the first lawyer to have successfully sued a government and an oil company and established that catastrophic climate change can be made illegal. This environmental film provides an inspiring story about the lawyer’s for a greener future against big corporations and climate change.

Click here for more information on how to attend the screenings at FIFDH on the 17th and 22nd March, and on this link to learn more about the film’s screenings on the 11th and 22nd March at the Festival du Film Vert

If you are interested in screening any of our documentaries at your festival or event, including the above, you can fill out our screening request form, or get in touch with our festivals manager Olivier for more information.