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The Body Politic

In a city overwhelmed by violence, the only thing worth fighting for is peace.

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Lie to Me

‘Lie to Me’ is the story of how tech nerd and blockchain expert Bjørn Bjercke overturned the OneCoin pyramid scheme, the biggest Crypto fraud in history. But more than that, it’s also the story of how and why people keep getting scammed.

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Tax Wars

It’s estimated that $427 billion in tax is lost every year to global tax abuse by multinationals and wealthy individuals. ‘Tax Wars’ will highlight the mechanisms, underlying trends, and forces at work in the tax justice battle.

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The Click Trap

Every day, thousands of people worldwide fall prey to cybercriminals and unscrupulous companies who use Google Search’s opaque advertising system to promote their scams, making millions for themselves and for the tech giant, who turns a blind eye to the plight of the victims.

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The Mind Game

When he was just 15, Sajid Khan Nasiri fled Afghanistan alone. After a two-year journey filled with danger and hardships – which he minutely documented on his phone camera – he arrives in Belgium to seek asylum. There, a whole new struggle begins.

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Phantom Parrot

The revelation of a top-secret British surveillance programme brings down the dominoes in a dark and analytical film about technology, rights and structural racism – and about a man with the courage to speak out.

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Venezuela: Country of Lost Children

Corruption and mismanagement has turned Venezuela into a failed state. Over six million people have fled in recent years. Around one million children were left behind by their parents.

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Manufacturing Chaos

A deep dive into the world of disinformation, exploring how and why it’s spreading at pace throughout the world, and the striking consequences for social cohesion and democracy.

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Nenets vs Gas

In the heart of the Arctic, the Yamal peninsula is the world’s largest gas exploitation zone - a symbol of Russia’s energy hyperpower. But the Yamal peninsula is also the ancestral home of the nenets, who have been pasturing here for over 200 generations. But for how much longer? Can they survive this industrialisation?

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