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Cash Investigation: Green Washing

Faced with climate change and pressure from consumers, more and more multinationals are committed to “carbon neutrality”. But is can we believe their claims of ‘net zero’ or is this simply greenwashing?

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Pakistan: Our Best Enemy

Officially, Pakistan is a major ally in the War on Terrorism and strategic partner of the West. But it’s been repeatedly accused of encouraging and providing a safe haven for terrorists. So what game is it really playing?

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Planet Killers

They’re the criminal masterminds killing our planet. In this series, we follow the operations of Interpol Environmental Crimes Unit as they track down the world’s most wanted environmental criminals. In this 4 x 52 mins series, we follow interpol.

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Prosecuting War Crimes in Ukraine

When Russia invaded Ukraine in February 2022, the Ministry of the Interior and Justice formed a new division to investigations cases of possible war crimes and crimes against humanity. We follow the prosecutors, forensic investigators and cyber police through the course of three specific investigations.

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The Science of Fatherhood

How do men change psychologically and physically during pregnancy, birth and the first years of having children?

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The Rohingyas: Trapped in Exile

Following massacres by the Burmese army in 2017, 740,000 Rohingya fled en masse to neighbouring Bangladesh, which confined them in the Cox’s Bazar refugee camp. Conditions are squalid but the alternative may be even worse. We gained rare access to the 'prison island' where Bangladesh plans to relocate the refugees.

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Namibia: Africa’s New Far West

Namibia has the third highest levels of income inequality in the world. 6% of the population owned 70% of the land and here, the wounds of German Colonisation run deep.

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Dangerous Roads: Spain

This series follows the forces of law and order around the world as they deal with horrific road accidents and try to prevent road fatalities.

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The list of people believed to have been poisoned on Putin’s orders goes on and on. For twenty years, Russian poison has run through the veins of international diplomacy. 

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