Flight Paths: Switzerland – From Valais to Vaud

In the company of veteran African bush pilot Pierre Jeannet, Vincent unearths the history of the Lavaux vineyard terraces, planted on the edge of Lake Geneva in the 12th century and today listed as a UNESCO world heritage site. In Bex, he descends into a 1000m-deep salt mine, dug out in the 15th century. Finally in Nendaz, at the foot of monumental snow-capped peaks, he witnesses a surreal concert performed by players of the Alpenhorn, the musical ancestor of the mobile phone.

Series Page: Flight Paths


  • Year: 2012
  • Duration: 26
  • Production: Magneto Presse & ARTE France
  • Director:
  • Available Versions: FRA
  • Country of production: France

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