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Central Asia: The Call of ISIS

For nearly 30 years, the predominantly Muslim republics of the former Soviet Union provided recruits for jihadist organisations. A third of ISIS’s soldiers came from here.

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Bhutan: The Dictatorship of Happiness

With its exquisite natural beauty and emphasis on ‘Gross National Happiness’ Bhutan seems like a model for the rest of the world. But behind this idyllic façade there lies a more complex reality.

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Pedophiles 2.0: On the Trail of the Predators

Today, more than 80% of adolescents use social networks. Certain forums, meant only for children, have become the hunting grounds for sexual predators

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Money Bots

About half of Wall Street trades are now performed by automated 'bots. As the algorithmic robot traders outpace and outperform the humans, what are the dangers they pose?

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Bureau 39: Kim’s Cash Machine

This extraordinary film takes us inside Bureau 39, a legendary organization nestled deep inside the North Korean government. Its aim? To provide Kim Jong-un’s regime with money by any means possible.

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End Game: Breaking the Silence

From Larry Nassar abusing girl gymnasts to the scandal at USA Swimming, many recent news stories have exposed the sexual abuse of minors in sport all over the world. They suggest an even broader phenomenon.

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Generation Greta

They are aged between 12 and 24. They have grown up in a world with increasing droughts, floods, fires. And they share a common fight: the climate emergency.

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Stolen Blood Antiquities

In this unprecedented investigation we shadow specialist police units and investigative archaeologists to reveal a vast black market for priceless stolen antiquities.

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The People vs. Agent Orange

The Agent Orange catastrophe did not end with the war in Vietnam.  Today, all over the world, a primary component of that toxic herbicide is still being extensively used. After decades of struggle, two heroic women are leading a worldwide movement to hold the manufacturers accountable.

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