Tareq Taylor’s Nordic Cookery

A television series exploring the heart and soul of New Nordic Cuisine.

Across forty one episodes, Tareq travels around the Nordic countries to meet local food producers, chefs and specialists. He heads off the tourist track to experience local cultures through their food, searching out fantastic ingredients, meeting extraordinary people and preparing his own versions of delicious recipes along the way.

We find out the secrets behind traditions, techniques and craftsmanship that exist within New Nordic Cuisine. We discover the hidden treasures and unique flavours of the Nordic countries while exploring uncharted territories. The show is set among beautiful scenery across Northern Europe, accentuated with visual stories of Tareq’s personal extreme sport adventures. Tareq Taylor’s Nordic Cookery gives the viewer an insight into Nordic cookery in both its natural and intense forms.


  • Year: 2013-2017
  • Duration: 41 x 30 mins
  • Production: Luckyday
  • Director: Tareq Taylor
  • Available Versions: ENG, ESP
  • Country of production: Sweden


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